Darkorbit Uridium Hack

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DarkOrbit Uridium Hack Tool is a great application to use for the DarkOrbit online game if you want to get extra uridium for your account. All you have to do is complete the program exactly as shown in the demonstration video and choose the desired amount of Uridium, to be added to your account This program is relatively simple at first glance, but behind him was excessive work, days in a row of computer experts, designers and programmers who created this tool absolutely free to play Farmerama lovers who want to have something in addition to others. This hack is undetectable and can generate up to 1 million Uridium to 24 hours. It requires no installation, and so far there has been no problems with this program or any bug that appeared in his function.

Hack functions:

- Uridium Hack (Up to 1 million Uridium to 24 hours)

- Credits Hack – XP Hack

Darkorbit Uridium Hack

How to use the hack:

  •  Install the program
  •  Open the program
  •  Press the “Start” button to start the program
  •  Insert the User ID of the account
  •  Select the desired amount of Uridium, Credits or XP
  •  Pres the “Generate” button to add the desired amount of uridium, credits or XP
  •  After the process of adding, check your account and see the desired amount of uridium, credits or XP has added
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