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  • First, install the downloaded hack. 
  • In case the first download button does not work, you can use the second button to download.
  • Hack can be downloaded absolutely free with no survey, by any visitor to this site.


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Why would you release this?

We decided to release this to the public because, in our opinion, the Playstation Team are robbing it’s users out of their fun. First, you have to buy a $300 console. Then for you to actually play it, you have to buy games! From there the expenses keep rising to maintain the enjoyment of your PS3. We think that this shouldn’t be how it is. So that’s why we are releasing this.

Is it safe for my account?

It most definitely. The reason for this is because the codes generated are authentic. Playstation will not have no idea of this, they’ll think you bought it!

This hack worked over 15 hours continuously by a team of 4 people.It’s a program with user-friendly menu and can run on any operating system without any problem.Works well in any respect. Download it with confidence and make the most of it.


 And best of all, it’s free!

Here are some pictures of the hack:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  1. Install the program

  2. Run PSN Code Generator.exe

  3. Select the amount required (10$, 20$ or 50$)

  4. Click START

  5. You’ve got your working code!






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